Dear Exchange Students,
thank you for choosing the University of Wrocław, and the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics as a destination for your exchange summer semester.
Below, there are some hints how to organise this time, before the semester starts.First, let me invite you to the welcome meeting at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics on Thursday, February 24th 2022 at 11 am (held online via Teams, you need to use the UWr email address).
Below, please find the links to the schedules of the programs in English. As you know, exchange students may choose to enrol only in lectures from the regular programs in English (marked in yellow in USOSweb timetable). Unfortunately, due to pandemic lectures are to be held online. In order to inscribe please send an email to the person in charge of the given lecture, as indicated in USOSweb. Please do not forget to include your student number as well. It is for the lecturers to send the respective information to the Students’ Office (BOS) so that you belong to the chosen groups also in USOSweb. Classes/workshops accompanying lectures (marked in white in USOSweb timetable) are not available for exchange students. You should decide on the lectures by the end of the second week of the summer semester.
Timetables (please change the language and either the semester plan division (which is a preferable option) or a weekly one – in the latter case, you should choose the given week):

– AIO, first year
– AIO, second year
– BBA, first year
– BBA, second year
– BBA, third year
– CRIMINAL JUSTICE, first year
– CRIMINAL JUSTICE, second year
– CRIMINAL JUSTICE, third year
– LL.M., first year
– LL.M, second year
– MME, first year
– MME, second year

Best wishes,
Bartłomiej Krzan

Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Bartłomiej Krzan
Vice-Dean for Research and International Cooperation
Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator