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Set up by the Rector of the University of Wrocław (order number 36/2011 on April 11, 2011) the masters program of Administration in International Organizations at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław is a unique opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in administration. Our two-year program is highlighted by small class sizes (25-30 students) and takes place in a real University atmosphere in close contact with an exceptional teaching staff. Today international organizations have become vital for the successful operation of public administration and their employees. Our program offers the possibility to gain extensive knowledge of this international environment. An additional advantage of our program is that students will receive extensive exposure to technical English language in the field of public administration, law, economics, management, sociology of organizations, etc.)    

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1st Semester compulsory: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Administrative Procedures41614  
Comparative Constitutional Law330   
English Language for Administration and Public Law4 30  
Human Resource Management31614  
Concepts of Law and Administration 31614  
Polish Language for Foreigners3 30  
Political and Legal Thought53014  
Public International Law53014  

1st Semester optional: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Economics of the European Union330   
International Economics330   
Public Management330   

2nd Semester compulsory: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Administration and Administrative Law of the European Union330   
Foreign Language4 60  
Institutional Law of the European Union61614  
International Protection of Human Rights51614  
Law of International Organizations51614  
Polish Language for Foreigners5 30  
Seminar4 30  

2nd Semester optional: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
International Non-Governmental Organizations330   
International Regional Cooperation330   
Law of the United Nations330   

3rd Semester compulsory: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
English for Private Law3 30  
Ethics in Public Administration41614  
Intellectual Property Protection312   
Judicial Protection in the European Union41614  
Public Competition Law330   
Seminar18 60  
Substantive Law of the European Union51614  

3rd Semester optional: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Decision-making Techniques3 30  
Law of New Technology3 30  
Mediations and Negotiations3 30  

4th Semester compulsory: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Diplomatic and Consular Law31614  
Environmental Law32214  
International Civil Service230   
Seminar18 60  
Structural Funds and European Projects Financing220   

4th Semester optional: 

Course nameECTSLectureClassesSeminarLaboratory
Accountability of International Organizations330   
International Commercial Law330   
International Financial Markets330   

Please note that the above course listing doesn’t include:

* mandatory three week internship that the students are expected to complete by the end of August in their final year of the program,

* * Polish language for foreigners: two consecutive semesters in the year one – thirty hours per semester.