dr Maciej Pichlak

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2h X 8 weeks = 16 hours (1 semester)
Number of hours: 
2h X 7 weeks = 14 hours (1 semester)

1. Providing student with basic knowledge regarding: legal concepts and terminology; social and cultural determinants of legal order; structure of legal system as well as legal instruments; rules of reading and interpreting legal texts.
2. Acquiring skills in: using legal terminology; recognizing validity of legal instruments within international as well as national legal system; legal interpretation and reasoning.
3. Gaining cultural and communicational competences making student able to participate in legal discursive practices.


1. Law and administration in contemporary societies. Basic functions of law and public administration
2. Legal cultures of the world. The distinction between common law and civil law.
3. Public administration: a concept and basic principles
4. Legal system and its structure. Public law and private law.
5. Sources of law. Legislation and regulation in public administration
6. The concept of legal norm. Rules and principles in law
7. The system of judiciary
8. Interpretation of statutory law and case law: the notion, basic types of interpretation, methods of legal interpretation
9. Basic types of legal norms and legal provisions
10. Collisions solving and legal inference
11. Decision-making in the judiciary and public administration