Studenci wyjeżdżający

Incoming Students

Please be informed that  exchange students may choose to enroll in lectures from the regular programs in English (please click the respective tab: Regular students (full time) and select a program).

Only lectures are available for exchange students.

Dear Exchange Students,

following the Regulation No. 116/2020 of the Rector of the University of Wrocław of September 3, 2020 on the functioning of the University of Wrocław in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics announced on September 14, 2020 the rules of conducting courses in the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021, applicable at the Faculty.

Please note that all lectures at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics take place – in accordance with the decision of the lecturer – in the e-learning form or remotely (using Microsoft Teams). Lectures are conducted using the synchronous method (only during the hours provided in the schedule). The lecturer will be able to choose one of two solutions, i.e. either to conduct lecture “live” or to provide students with a previously recorded lecture (together with being present on the platform used to conduct the course on the date specified in the timetable, so that students can, for example, ask questions to the lecturer).

As you know, exchange students may choose to enrol only in lectures from the regular programs in English and normally classes/workshops accompanying lectures would not available for exchange students. Yet, given the pandemic, the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics exceptionally offers in the upcoming winter semester the possibility to enrol also for classes and workshops of the first year (first semester) of each study programs in English, which are held in person (within the allowed limit of persons).

Once you decide to take up classes accompanying lectures please be aware that attendance to such workshops and classes is obligatory for the enrolled exchange students present in Poland.

It is not possible to enrol for classes in the second or third year of studies. The enrolment to the lectures (via e-learning or remotely) in all years of studies remains the main available option.

Please note that a switch to full distance learning according to the sanitary situation and decisions taken by the University and Health authorities. The teaching format will most likely evolve throughout the entire academic year, switching between the formats, as the pandemic unfolds.


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